Thoughts From a Wealthy Perspective – PDF Version




In this collection of observations and advice, international business consultant Sam Egube shares his philosophy of success, gained from life experience. Egube moved from working as a bus driver in the streets of Lagos, Nigeria, to corporate director in one of that country’s large banks. He opines that in battle both sides have casualties, so you should not let fear of consequences prevent a worthwhile project from being realized. While it is important to heed religious teachings, be sensible: if you see traffic coming and a voice inside tells you to cross the road, you should know, “it wasn’t God speaking.” No matter how small your project might be, he advises, start it. Other observations he makes: morals and religion are not ends in themselves. Being poor is not a virtue if the poor person blames others for his or her plight and makes no effort to get out of poverty. Even the poor can contribute to society. Keep company with those who will help you realize your dreams, “whether those people are understood as bad or good.” Success, he concludes, lies in setting and achieving goals every single day.

Egube’s book is short, and the well-organized contents are divided into five chapters containing brief essays and aphorisms. His prose is simple, his ideas easily grasped and occasionally profound. His pervading message is clear: seek productivity and progress in all aspects of life. Though he makes reference to religious and philosophical works such as the Bible, the bulk of Egube’s “thoughts” have a fresh, original feel. One can easily imagine that the author will inspire others with the concepts he has devised and promoted here. Thoughts from a Wealthy Perspective encompasses one man’s wisdom garnered over a life of increasing success.


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