Relationships Are Value Propositions – PDF Version




People should be familiar with the realities of life and not dwell in utopian fantasy. Nothing comes from nothing. While we may assume every relationship is important, not all relationships indeed are or contribute equally to one’s objective. Relationships also breed challenges yet being together is better than being right as the author affirms. He argues that right is an illusion of time and knowledge; what is true today may be wrong tomorrow with more knowledge.

Without doubt, relationships are God’s gift to mankind—vehicles for achieving production, reproduction, and the source of all influence and leverage. Readers are urged to be deliberate and strategic about relationships; the book uses tested principles to explain relationship acquisition, drawing from both romantic and business scenarios. It argues that relationships are sustained only by the value they bring and are driven by the objectives for which they were acquired in the first place. Just as ground left uncultivated yields weeds, relationships left uncultivated yield undesired outcomes.


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